About Me


Hello, my name is Donna, I’m an Asian girl and I’m addicted to Korean beauty.

As a student, I’m on a budget, but that won’t stop me from finding great deals on amazing toners, serums, or sheet masks (and so much more!) Whether you are struggling to get rid of your acne or naturally vanishing your wrinkles, we’re all on the same journey.

For me, skincare is fun. I LOVE washing my face, applying creams, and doing masks. I also LOVE researching products and brands. It’s sort of weird not gonna lie, but it’s one of the most calming activities for me. (But yes, when you have been really working on your skin and it begins to pay off, we all feel that little boost of confidence.)  In my first year of high school, I turned to Korean beauty. I researched, watched videos, and read blogs very much like this one until my eyeballs just about fell out.

After buying my fair share of products and testing them on my sensitive, acne prone, combination to dry skin, I decided to make this blog. From reviews to comparisons, and even questions you want to be answered, I will do my best to inform those who are curious and want to improve their skin. I would love to find more skincare junkies like me so we can all share our product impressions so definitely contact me if you need to! I post every Friday so be sure to follow the blog to stay updated.

Join us in our fight against skin troubles!